Fun Diving

  • Duration:1 day
  • Destinations: Nha Trang
60 USD

Dive Courses

Scuba Diver
This is for someone who want to do SCUBA diving whilst on holiday and happy to dive only with professional dive leader. The SD course is basically half of the Open Water Diver Course including a certification card which allows the diver to dive to a maximum of 12 meters under supervision. You can upgrade this Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver without going back to the beginning.This course takes 2 days. Vietnam Active Dive Center provides courses from all of the major Diving Associations including PADI, SSI & NDL. This gives you great choice and value when deciding on a dive package that’s right for you.

Open Water Course Nha Trang
The open water diver certification gives you a lifetime diving ticket to the underwater world. You can start a course everyday. we take maximum 4 students per instructor per course. We teach
in English, German , Russian and Vietnamese. There is some medical questionnaire that needs to be completed before start of the course. The OW course consists of 3 main parts: Dive Theory, Confined Water Dives and Open Water Dives. The Dive Theory consists a manual with 5 Chapters, 1 videos and Knowledge reviews . After the 5th Chapter there is a Final Exam with 50 multiple choice questions. You need to score 75% or more. The system is well designed so after all the lectures you will find that you’ve acquired a lot of diving knowledge in a relatively short time. The Water Work consists of Confined Water Training and 4 Open Water Dives. The Confined Water Training is conducted either in a nice, calm and shallow area in the sea, or if the conditions are not too favorable in a pool. We prefer to do it in the ocean as you then get used to the saltwater environment straight away, and of course there are more interesting things to look at in the sea compared to in a swimming pool.You have to complete 4 Open Water Training Dives after done all confined water training sessions. We make 2 training dives per day with your maximum depth not exceed 12 meters (Dive 1+2) and 18 meters (Dive 3+4). Congratulations, you are a diver. When you finished your Open Water course there will be 2 options. Either you go to do the Advanced Diver Course or do some Fun Dives with special price for our ex-student. Choose from PADI, SSI and NDL certification with Vietnam Active Nha Trang.
Advanced Diver
The Advanced Diver course consists of 5 Specialty Dives. There are 2 Dives which you must do, they are Navigation dive and Deep dive (30 meters) and this means that apart from the Navigation and the Deep dive you can choose 3 Elective adventure dives. . Multilevel dive is a very good experience, you learn how to plan your dive in different depth levels so that you can get a longer time under water. This is a technique used all the time when you go deeper than 18-20 meters.Other options include Peek Performance Buoyancy, Naturalist, Underwater Photography and many more. You can look at the manual and choose which ones you want to do once you get here.It’s a good idea to do it straight after the PADI Open Water Diver course, because you can get more different dives experience and a 10% discount on the Advanced Course with the same PADI Instructors. It’s only 2 days for 5 Adventure Dives.
Rescue diver
This course is designed to bring divers who already have advanced skills to a level of competency where, in emergency situations, they would be able to intervene. The RESC course is a 2 days program during the course you will learn how to focus on other divers and not only yourself. You will make several different scenarios starting already on day one with dealing with a panicking diver or tired diver on the surface.
You will be searching for a missing diver or an unconscious diver under water, bring the diver to the surface and give a rescue breathing at the same time as you ditch his/hers diving equipment and tow him/her to the boat or shore.
You will use different techniques to bring the diver onto the boat or onto shore. After that you do the final scenario kind of put them all together
The Rescue course is a really serious fun course to do and you will feel much more confident as a diver after completing the course.



7:30 pick up at the your hotel

8:00 On the boat going to Mun Island

9: 00 First dive site

11:00 Take a rest and enjoy coffee, tropical fruit….

11:30 Second dive site

13:00 Return lunch in the restaurant

14:00 Finish your trip



Day trip including 2 dives                            

- NIGHT DIVE  (SHORE): 50 USD/dive


First time under water? We show you the way!

1day, 2 dives, a few skills and the world of diving

is open to you!


Refreshing your basic skills, 2 dives


Open water snorkeling at the dive sites

 *We can cater  for a private groups  or a night dives from the  boat , contact us 

for details .


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